Handy Items

Poly Clutch Storage Rack

This clutch storage rack is great for storing clutch disks in the trailer or shop.  It holds 47.


Main Bearing Tray

The only way to keep your main bearings organized is with these poly washable trays.  The tray holds one set of upper and one set of lower bearings.


Rod Bearing Tray

The only way to keep your bearings organized is with these poly washable trays.  The Rod trays hold two sets.


Air Bottle Transfer Assembly

This kit is very handy.  Every racer needs one.  Use to transfer breathing air or CO2 from a larger container to a smaller bottle. Includes 4 ft hose.


Race Car Hydraulic Jacks

This air/hydraulic jack is for Pro-Mods, Funny Cars & dragsters. This handy car lift jack comes with 2 air over hydraulic jacks (front and rear).  Included are a pump, hoses, fittings, and a rear jack handle. 


Engine Pre-Oiler

The engine pre oiler is used before starting a dry motor.  Use this to ensure you don't spin a bearing on the startup. Fill with oil, charge with air, and it is ready to go.


Professional Push Rod Straightness Checker

Adjustable to check any length push rod with 5/8" or 3/8" cups.  Includes dial indicator.


Pro Head CC Kit

Kit includes:

100cc x .2cc Glass Buret (Also sold separately for $85.00)

Stand and Clamp Assembly (Also sold separately for $40.00 )


Fuel Funnels

Left to Right

Large D-Shaped Poly Funnel 12 Qt capacity...$21.95

Screens for the D-Shaped Funnel...$5.95

Red 6 qt Funnel with built in Screen...$12.95

Long Tall Funnel...$4.95

Gauge Case for Longacre Gauges

For protecting  your valuable air gauges.

Case measures 10"x7.5"x2.5"


Shrink Wrap Assortment Kit

54 pieces 6" Pieces, 6 sizes. $24.95


Wire Crimper

A quality Crimper at a reasonable price. Crimps wire from 10GA to 22GA.  $28.95


Reflective Tape

2" x 50' roll.  Red and silver pattern.  For use on trailers, fencing, golf carts/ pit vehicles for night visibility.


Portable Hose Crimping Tool

Make your own hoses in your garage or at the track!  For crimping hoses size 4-10.  #3 Crimping Die (for injector hoses) sold extra $45.99


Block End Rail Foam Retainers

Specify Brad Anderson or TFX.  Sold in pairs.


Convoluted Wire Wrap

Sold by the foot.  Protects wires and makes them look neat.


Oil drain pan

15 quart oil drain pan


If you don't see it, we still might have it!

We can't show it all, so give us a call!

12 Point Nuts, High Strength

For every application. Valve cover nuts, oil pan nuts, rocker arm nuts.

  • 1/4"     $2.25
  • 5/16"   $2.25
  • 3/8"     $2.50
  • 7/16"   $2.75
  • 1/2"     $4.25
  • 9/16"   $6.75

X Large Bearing Scotch Brite Polishing Pad


Cylinder Bore Brush


Feeler Gauge Grip Package


Purchase 2 feeler gauge grips (intake and exhaust) and get a 32 piece feeler gauge set FREE.


Hair Pin


Tow Strap w/Safety Hooks


Price reduced $19.95 to $10.00

15 ft, 5,000 lb max vehicle weight, double hooked


Magnetic Tool Holder Bar


18" long.  Screws to wall or tool box.


Magnetizer-Demagnetizer Block


Handy when used to make screw driver hold screws and nuts in place.


Colored Racer Tape


2"x 180 ft large roll.  Many colors available.


O-Ring Assortment, Not AN


Over 375 Pieces, Regular O-Rings, In Plastic Case.


Retractable Tow Strap


Made from Billet Aluminum. 15 ft black anodized 

Made for towing race cars on flat surfaces, not a 2 ton truck out of the mud.


AN Washers


Bag of 100, -1/4, 5/16  $8.95

Bag of 100, 7/16.... $9.95

Bag of 50 1/2....12.95

5/8 washer $.30 each

9/16 washer $.30 each

bag of 100 3/8 $9.95

Aluminum Vise Jaws


Magnetically held in place and used to hold a variety of objects to include easily scratched aluminum fittings as well as hard to hold shapes. A necessity for every trailer and shop!.


Padded Folding Ground Mat


FREE!!! when you order $500.00 or more and Say promo code WEB.  Mat measures 2x2 when closed. Handles make it easy to carry.  Opens to 2x4 size. Every racer needs one of these.



Parachute Line Detangler


Ultra Trick Hose Clamps


All Sizes


Fluid filler


Use for anything you need to add fluid to (or your wife's turkey!)


Adhesive Black Non-Skid Tape


Use on trailer floors and steps.  4" x 20' Roll


Digital Hygrometer


Displays humidity and temperature.  Good to use with your tune-up.


Lazer Digital Thermometer, Pinpoint Style


Plastic Male/Female Hose Plugs & Cap Assortment


Sizes 3-16  in assortment.


Poly Engine Deck Plates


Sold in pairs.  Keeps short block clean.


Posi Lock No-Crimp Wire Connector Kit


Starter & Cable Quick Disconnect,


Priced  each

Sold each for $17.95.


Rod Cap Rack


Plastic Storage Box, 18


Clear plastic storage box with 18 equally divided compartments.  Snap on lid. 

10 1/2" L x 7 1/4" W x 1 1/2" D


Plastic Storage Box, 24


Clear plastic with snap on hinged lid.

15" L x 9 q/4" W x 1 13/6" H


Clutch Disk Hot Rack, Aluminum


8 Slot Clutch Rack


8 Slot Floater Rack


9 Slot Floater & Disk Rack


Head Repair Rack


Piston Rack


Valve Rack


Lifter & Push Rod Rack


Spark Plug Rack, 16


8 Plug Spark Plug Rack


Fiberglass Repair Kit


Kit contains Rosin, Acetone, Hardener, Mixing cup, Paddles for mixing, Fiberglass material


Moroso Race White Paint


For windows, tires or wheelie bars.


Geddex Dial In Marker




Lift Handles for Short Block


Pair, Goes over head studs to make the job easier!


HD Welding Gloves


AN O-Ring Assortment


Sizes 4-16, in plastic divided box.


Carburetor Mounted Tool Tray


Holds Tools and 16 Spark Plugs



Rotating & Swiveling Head Stand




Cleaning Brushes, Set of 6


Nylon, Brass, and Steel


HD 11" Black Wire Ties (100)


Chassis Stabilizer, Pancake Style



Helps support chassis or motor when transporting in trailer, a real life saver for your chassis.Comes complete w/extension hose.


Axle Strap


This 6000 lbs test Axle Strap includes a rings and strap cover


80 Plug Spark Plug Rack


All aluminum, really nice piece. Allows for storage and comparison of several runs.


Laser Thermometer


Laser Thermometer uses an infra-red dot to register temperature in only one second—40 degrees F to 590 degrees F range. Is very  handy for taking track temperture, engine pan, headers or other temperature sensitive areas.


Lapping Plate


Lapping plate for surfacing your manifold or blower. It’s very important to keep all surfaces flat for sealing. Comes with 2 gripped  handles and sand paper.1/2" thick steel Blanchard ground. Steel


Aluminum Injector Tool Tray


This tray will hold all small items. 16 Spark plugs and has a convenient handle and mounting brackets. Measures 16” long, 11” wide, 2”deep.


Wheels-Up Marker


Wheels-Up comes in three colors: White, Floro-Orange, Floro-Green. Applicator makes it easy to apply to wheelie bar wheels. Also available in a White Spray.