Autometer Water Temperature Gauge

UP to 245 degrees.  Reduced to $75.00

Gauge Case for Longacre Gauges

For protecting  your valuable air gauges.

Case measures 10"x7.5"x2.5"


Intercomp Digital Air Pressure Gauge

Among the finest and most accurate tire pressure gauges on the market.  4 digit LCD Display, .01 to 100 PSI.  Comes in black carrying case.


Intercomp 15 PSI Tire Gauge

4" Gauge, Glow in the dark, Gauge encased in rubberized shock protector.


Magnum Longacre Tire Gauge

0-15 PSI, Includes Angle and Ball chucks, 17" hose with swivel, Double Gauge Mechanism maintains accuracy, 3 1/2" dial face, Dual air bleeds to hold pressure.  Comes in attractive, sturdy, silver colored case.


Longacre Tire Gauge 2"

LON52034, Standard 2" gauge, 0-15 Angle Fitting


Pro Digital Tire Gauge-Longacre

This gauge registers 0-60 PSI, Reads to .1 PSI. Dual Air Bleeds, Includes angle and ball chucks. Comes in attractive silver colored carrying case.


Precision Digital Dial Bore Gauge

This precision gauge set will measure 2" to 6" bores.  Comes with a wooden case.  Standards included.  SPI.  Battery included.

shipping ups ground only


Single Gauge Regulator for Air Shifter Bottle


150, 250, 400

With gauge--$99.95


Cylinder Bore Gauge w/Case


Professional Hole Gauge


Autometer Blower Pressure Gauge--60 Lb


Liquid Filled, 2 5/8"


Autometer Oil Pressure Gauge--200 lbs


Liquid Filled, 2 5/8"


Digital Tire Gauge


Gauge will measure to 1/10 of a pound.


Compression Gauge


Can be used on 14 MM thread or 18MM thread.  Incorporates a built in relief valve.  Very handy when trying to determine correct head gasket thickness for maximum compression.


Longacre Tire Gauge 2 1/2"

#Tire gauge

LON52033, 0-15 PSI, 2 1/2", Dual Bleed Deluxe


Tire Pressure Gauge, 2 1/2"


Liquid filled,


Tire Pressure Gauge, 4"


Liquid filled.

Very accurate.

Specify 0-60 or 0-15


Dual Gauge Leak Down Tester


With this instrument, you can check cylinder leakage and your barrel valve.