Featured Products

Used Sleeves for KB & Brad Blocks

Several Bores available. Good condition, not scarred. Call Tom. $40.00 each


Used Venolia Pistons & Pins

Excellent condition. Set of 10 Venolia Pistons & Pins for BA Hemi Fuel Head 4.375 Bore 1.156 Pin for a 6.755 Rod.  .017 1/16 3/16



Used D&J Diaper

Not certified.



Used 4 Speed LENCO Blanket

Not Certified. Good condition. 



Used Bare Alan Johnson Fuel Heads

1100.00 per pair


Used Custom Dragster Oil Pan & Pickup



Used Parts

Pump Extensions, Dual Mag Drive, Gear Drives, 1" Lifters, Piston pins &buttons, Rare Hemi head water necks,Crank hub & Degree Ring


Used Chrysler Bell-housing (Steel)

8 1/2" Deep, Steel. Well used, but never blown up! Shaft, candle stick, and throw out bearing. 

As you see it:  $400.00


Used Hurst Original 3-Speed Shifter Assembly

With Line Lock button.



Used 3-Speed LENCO Transmission

Coarse input, Coarse Output, Ratio (?) Good Condition



Used Bruno Drive for Chevy with Hughes Converter


1" shaft





Used Valve Covers

For Regular BA Fuel Heads,  Good condition as pictured



Used Carbon Fiber Injector, Low Profile

Low Profile, 8" tall. Rectangle Opening, complete as Pictured, 3 Butterflies 5 1/2",  Excellent Condition. Comes with distribution block and hoses.



Used Brad Fuel Heads

Comes with Rocker Arms, stands, springs & valves.  Rockers are not roller tipped.


Used Brad Fat Head 4 Heads

Comes with Rockers, shafts, and stands.  Complete


Used Kobelco 20-71 Blower

Comes with snout.  Pie shaped bottom.  Excellent condition.


Used 9 1/2" Fabricated Rear Assembly

Pro-Mod Floater Style for suspension cars. No 3rd member.



Used Pro Mod Headers

These used pro-mod headers will fit Alan Johnson, Dart, or fuel heads.  They will work for many body styles.  Call for measurements.  They have ERT Bungs.


Titanium Blower Restraint Brackets

For bell housing or blower.  Each bracket priced $95.00 each

set of 5 is $475.00


Air Bottle Transfer Assembly

This kit is very handy.  Every racer needs one.  Use to transfer breathing air or CO2 from a larger container to a smaller bottle. Includes 4 ft hose.


Funny Car Chassis

New 125" Moly Chassis. Complete roller with tons of extra parts. Current cert. Good for a Fuel Altered, an Alcohol Funny Car or a Nostalgia Funny Car. Includes Strange Chunk, Full floater assembly, Weld Wheels, Large fuel tank with oil dry sump tank, and a smaller tank for alcohol, complete steering, master cylinder, fire bottles,3 motor plates, 2 front motor mounts, 2 sets Wheelie Bars, 3 belly pans, Lots of extra body tin from other cars that you can use. No waiting to have this one built for this season.  Call Tom. 

The Original Full Bore Valve Adjusting Wrench

Now Available at Wizard's Warehouse!!  Specify WRENCH size when ordering.




GRP Rods Reduced to sell--$500.00

GRP 1.094 Pin 7.651 Long